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Whether you're looking for a beautiful healthy puppy or simply need more information on Whippets I hope you'll find this website interesting and useful.

I've been keeping and breeding Pedigree dogs for 25 years. First and foremost my dogs are my pets and I describe myself as a hobby breeder - just as 'showing’, 'racing’ and 'obedience' are also a hobby. My first three Whippets were racing bred and I enjoyed the hobby of racing for a period of time. I then started showing Whippets and have had dogs exhibited all over the country and Ronchanelli dogs have had notable success.

I no longer 'race' or 'show' as my experiences showed me that the dogs are exploited and not sometimes cared for in a loving and respectful way. For this reason, I do not sell my puppies to anybody who wants to 'show' or 'race' - preferring to see my pups in forever loving pet homes where they will be a cherished part of the family.

More than breeding a dog for speed or beauty, I concentrate more on temperament, health and soundness of character and use the Breed Standard as a benchmark. All our dogs have a low inbreeding coefficient and our puppies follow suit. For example, our current litter has an inbreeding coefficient of just 2.5%. The national average for the past year was 10.1%. Some breeder's puppies score 25% and over and no matter how they try to justify that, I believe it is morally wrong. There is plenty of information on the Kennel Club website regarding this but basically the lower the inbreeding coefficient the better! Beware, many 'show' breeders mask their inbreeding by renaming it 'line-breeding' - don't be taken in by this, its the same thing! On the KC website it says:

"High levels of inbreeding can impact on the health of individual dogs by increasing the chances of a dog being at risk for both known and unknown inherited disorders. Over time, persistent inbreeding will also have an impact on the breed as a whole, for example, reducing litter size and fertility. It is impossible to make precise predictions about the exact impact that inbreeding has on an individual dog, but we do know that, as the degree of inbreeding increases, the risk of having a serious impact on the breed as a whole will increase."

" inbreeding coefficients of:

  • 0% indicates a dog that comes from two unrelated parents, based on all available pedigree information.
  • 12.5% would equate to the genetic equivalent of a dog produced from a grandfather to granddaughter mating.
  • 25% would equate to the genetic equivalent of a dog produced from a father to daughter mating."

My dogs live in the house as part of the family unit and all puppies are handled and socialised as much as possible to ensure a confident and vivacious character.

Please note that I only let my pups go to homes with gardens and where there is somebody home during the day!

We only sell to forever pet homes. We do not sell to 'show kennels' or breeders or 'racing' enthusiasts.

All our dogs and puppies are micro-chipped and are veterinary health checked and vaccinated.  

Ron Copsey

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